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The primary focus of our business, we design, install and maintain solar systems throughout Cambodia. Be your requirement an off-grid solution for a house in the provinces or a grid-tied solution in an industrial zone, our talented team of professionals will design a bespoke system to meet your needs, providing you with a reliable energy supply at the most competitive prices available.


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Available in thirty days.

With special designed software Rose Energy is capable to rapid make an estimate on powerplant development.

Making visible the estimated size of land needed. The amount of power that can be produced. system capacity the basic Capex including Bill of materials.

The pay back time on the cost and customer overview on cost. Estimated amount of Sunhours. Amount of construction hours and cost payback analyses ( IRR , NPV), System losses, Cost per Kwh, Cost pe Wp.

Panels Only tier1

10+25 Years

String inverter

5 Years

Any detail necessary to come to build a well engineered functining balanced power plant system.

We use state of the art monitoring software with an online connection, and therefore can see a problem. even before you are aware of it.

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We endeavor to showcase professionalism in all business aspects and providing stewardship to all resources available to us.

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